Simoné Venter

Owner & Vocal Coach

Owner & Vocal Coach

  • Vocal Coach
  • Music Psychologist
  • Singer

Simoné is passionate about singing and teaching. Her students love working with her because she treats every student as if they are the only pupil in the academy. Her tenacity gives the students the ability to grow and develop personally. Being fun-loving in character Simoné teaches with zest and ensures that every lesson is filled with enjoyment and laughter creating an atmosphere of relaxation and strength in all the students.

Simoné strives to bring out the best in her students such as:

  • Personal Confidence
  • Passion being the heart of her business
  • Love for music both on and off stage
  • Simply being themselves as each person is unique and special
  • Talent is developed and allows for growth in leaps and bounds
  • The exemplary track record of the academy