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Noted Simply Vocal Services

How we can improve your unique personal performance

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

- John C Maxwell

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Singing Lessons For Kids & Teens

  • Boost Confidence in your little one
  • Fun lessons that will grow your child’s character
  • Improve speaking and overall singing ability


Singing Lessons For Adults

  • Learn to express yourself through music
  • Grow your vocal ability
  • Growth in confidence and positive thinking

Vocal Assessment for experienced singers

  • Get the best out of your voice
  • Learn to sing with more depth and dynamic
  • Learn to sing with freedom "Just Let Go!"

Speech and Auditory Impediments

  • Partially deaf/hearing disability - Improving  speech and dictation, vocabulary though music
  • Using vibrations of sound and phonics to enhance speech
  • Stutters and lisp solutions

Don't think you have the singing voice but passionate about music?

  • Learn to sing with no experience/beginners
  • Train your vocals, ears and pronunciation
  • Enjoy fun lessons "Learn to be yourself holistically"

Vocal Training

Noted Simply Vocal offers a HOLISTIC developmental(emotional,psychological,physical) program, voice training and singing lessons to those who have an interest or a desire to sing and develop themselves holistically, Noted Simply Vocal can train your vocal cords and muscles so that you can. Just like a body builder requires training so does your voice.

Vocal Fitness

Noted Simply Vocal classes are developed using unique methods to enhance vocal fitness,vocal debth,and projection of our students, we focus on all the muscles used to increase singing performance so that they are able to sing stronger,hold notes longer and sing with freedom using more dynamics.

Ear Training

Noted Simply Vocal is able help even individuals who have trouble with hearing enjoy the beauty of music. Simone Venter uses  the vibrations of sound to allow her students to feel the music which helps them gain confidence all over again.

Microphone Techniques

Some of the most talented singers hinder their performance potential by simply not knowing how to use their microphone, it's one of the simplest things that can really improve your song or ruin it for your audience. Noted Simply Vocal can assist you to reach maximum performance

Stage Performance

Singing is not all about the voice and the microphone. Today we encourage our students to let go while they are on stage so that they can connect and engage with their audience, using their own personality to shine, we show them how to use their platform and not be "Just another singer"

Breathing Techniques

Noted Simply Vocal assists students with their singing  by teaching them various breathing techniques, this helps them with reaching the more difficult notes and increases the quality of their original sound and overall singing performance.

Positive Thinking

Confidence is one of our most important values at Noted Simply Vocal, everything in our programme is all connected to confidence, Simone has qualified for her degree in psychology and implements this in her vocal training classes  to improve the holistic development in each unique individual!

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