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What is Noted Simply Vocal all about?

Voice Training and Musical Orientation

Noted Simply Vocal is a vocal training School that is inspired by motivating and changing lives of individuals through the power of song and music.


Noted Simply Vocal came about when Simone Venter realized her love and passion for music in high school. She says that music is something that is built in you, it is for everyone and built-in everyone.  Simone Venter started out in life being very shy and not even able to do a simple English speech in front of her class at school never-mind a full song in front of an audience of 500or more people.


Her mother grew frustrated and tired of Simone's incredible shyness and decided to take action by sending her to a vocal training academy as they advertised that singing helps their students with self-confidence.


Simone Venter now has started NOTED for this very reason, to bring out confidence in whom ever she can, wherever she can. "If you have confidence, the world is your oyster" Simone Says.


Simone Venter has her psychology and teaching degree after 9 years of studying and completing multiple musical courses. Simone's heart's desire is to change her students lives through installing confidence in them no matter how old or young they are.  She has helped the most talented people in singing get their confidence back, as well as even the most shy introverts.


Simone Venter is also able to help individuals who have hearing/speech impedimentsas they too can enjoy music through the vibrations of music/sound which is "psychologically and emotionally life changing for them." she says.


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